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14th Annual Canadian LGBTTQ* Short Film Competition

  • The Park Theatre 698 Osborne Street Winnipeg, MB, R3L 2B8 Canada (map)
Eventbrite - 14th Annual Canadian LGBTTQ* Short Film Competition

October 18, 7 PM: 14th annual canadian Lgbtq* short film competition

Reel Pride Film Festival celebrates our 32nd year in Winnipeg, October 16th to 21th, 2017.  Reel Pride’s 14th Annual Canadian LGBTTQ* Short Film Competition happens on Wednesday, October 18, 7 to 10 pm at The Park Theatre. 
All submitted short films were screened by the festival’s advisory committee. 18 Short Films made the final selection for the Short Film Competition night when our audience as well as the jury make their vote count on this huge night for Canadian LGBBTQ* Short Films


18 Short Films selected for Screening and Voting

Ordered of Showing onscreen

FAG - Director: Scott Fitzpatrick

A personal Venn diagram, a conceptual cobbling together of interests and identifiers, a sound and animation experiment rendered in all 260 fonts on my MacBook.


The Longform Lesbian Census - Director: Thirza Cuthand

Two Longform Lesbian Census workers poll their community to gather crucial statistics, or to find girlfriends!


Still Here - Director: Britney Dennison

Jason is using art to open up about his experiences – through his photography and paintings he is asking his audience to question what we actually mean when we talk about “bullying.”


A Small Part of Me - Director: Steve Adams

A transgender teen prepares for his acting debut while his friends and chosen family band together to help remove him from a difficult living situation.


What About Shelley - Director: Kyle Reaume

Billy and Shelley are best friends, but their friendship is greatly tested when Shelley's boyfriend, Adam, secretly comes out to Billy - the only other gay man he knows.


Zombie, Pt. 1 - Director: Scott Fitzpatrick

"He wrote that Leonard and Robert La Tourneaux actually had a relationship... I didn't know that." A super 8mm film about hustling.


Raising the Bar - Director: amanda kindzierski

Greg and Paige, co-managers of a quirky neighbourhood bar, have a tough choice to make, when the bar’s owner gives them the weekend to help the bar out of money troubles.


Trigger - Director: Jason Karman

Two gay men: one of them carries a gun for protection now, the other rejects it.


Take Back the Campus - Director: Sage Forrester

Take Back the Campus is a short documentary that looks at what ‘Safe Spaces’ are in a University context.


Violet and June - Director: Linnea Ritland

Violet & June is a short film about falling in love, the terror of being alive in a cold heartless universe, and butts.


Limina - Director: Florian Halbedl

A curious gender-fluid child, named Alessandra, embarks on a path of kindness that will forever change the lives of their fellow townspeople in a quaint and picturesque village.


As We Are - Director: Julie Epp

A story about family secrets and the courage the be who we truly are in exploring gender roles and gender identity.


In My Mother's Closet - Director: Carolyn Wu

Adri, a young Indian trans woman, navigates a world that refuses to see her as she is, and finds her truth through musical theatre and magical femme friendship.


Sweet Night - Director: Jessie Short

A young Métis woman reconnects with her Indigenous ancestry and begins a journey of self-discovery when she learns about sweet grass from her non-Native friend.


These Are Not Our Things - Director: Jaz Papadopoulos

A playful game, asking the question, "what is sex?"


Lions in Waiting - Director: Jason Karman

The newest member of a minor league hockey team, Ray fights to have ice time after being hazed and finds the courage to be comfortable in his own skin.


Do I Have Boobs Now? - Director: Milena Salazar

A trans activist, Courtney Demone, revisits her journey to challenge social media censorship.


Witch Therapy - Director: Heidi J. Loos

Desperate to get their magic back after marriage, two witches, Zoey and Jordan try ‘couples counselling’ for the first time.


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