Are you interested in film?

Would you like to be part of selecting the program for the next Reel Pride Film Festival? The Reel Pride programming committee is looking for volunteers who would like to review films and help select what will be screened at Reel Pride this year.  An internet-connected computer, time, and opinions about film are required.

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The programming committee is responsible for finding, reviewing and selecting films for Reel Pride's annual Film Festival and other events.  Companion content, including guest speakers and panelists, may also fall under the programming committee.

There are four basic steps to the year-long process.

[1]. Finding films.
  This includes reviewing other festivals' programs, searching LBGTTQ* websites and blogs for announcements of upcoming releases, and contacting distributors for information about their new properties.  Distributors must be located and contacted.  Canadian distribution rights and release dates must be confirmed.

[2]. Reviewing and selecting films.
 Members of the programming committee watch "screeners" of potential Reel Pride content.  Increasingly this involves password-protected websites provided by the distributor or filmmaker, so a computer and internet access is required.  In addition to a film's individual quality and interest, the programming committee also keeps an eye on the overall character of the festival, considering the balance of themes, genders (male, female, trans, queer, etc...), sexuality (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, two-spirit, etc...) film types (comedy, drama, documentary, experimental, etc...), ethnicity/culture, audience potential, and cost.

[3]. Booking films and surrounding content.
 Contacting distributors and filmmakers to investigate available companion content (guest speakers, panels).  Negotiating with the distributor for best price. Confirming film format (BlueRay, DVD, other), dates and shipping addresses.  Arranging with the Treasurer for payment (usually in advance).

[4]. Print Management.
 Tracking courier shipments. Circulating films (screeners, usually) through Manitoba Film Classification.  Tracking content circulating amongst media outlets and the projectionist.  Shipping outgoing films to their next festival or back to the distributor by best cost/speed option.