Mission Statement

Reel Pride exists to celebrate queer media arts and to contribute to community vitality by programming materials that focus on issues of importance to Manitoba's queer community. We promote queer media arts to foster dialogue on issues of importance to our community in a public, accessible and safe space, as well as celebrating queer artists and stories both locally and from around the world. 

Reel Pride is a public space where queer artists and stories are celebrated and promoted through cinema. 

Access to artistic work that might not otherwise be screened in Manitoba. 

A forum to engage in deliberation and dialogue on issues of importance to the queer community; locally, regionally and internationally.

A celebration of Manitoba's diversity and an increased awareness and understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, queer and questioning * communities. 

The Reel Pride Film festival functions as an incorporated not for profit organization registered as The Winnipeg Gay and Lesbian Film Society. We are a volunteer board run organization. 


board 2013.jpg

The Volunteer Board

  • Barb Burkowski, President (Acting)
  • Rose Murego, Vice-President
  • Tracy Murray, Treasurer
  • Verna Eyers, Secretary
  • Geof Langen, Sponsorship
  • David Wyatt, Institutional Memory & Programming
  • Rose Murego, Chair of Programming
  • Lara Rae, Programming
  • Davey Davis, Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Ron Lambert, Short Film Selection Committee
  • William Dixon, Marketing Specialist
  • Jeff Hilroy, Board Member
  • Joel Simkin, Board Member

Copies of the Reel Pride by-laws and policies are available to the community-at-large by emailing reelpride@outlook.com or writing to: 

PO Box 68115 Osborne Village
Winnipeg, MB R3L 2V9